BnM Slabmaster Crappie Saver


Please allow 12 – 28 days for delivery of this item


Please allow 12 – 28 days for delivery of this item

Whether you are a tournament fisherman or casual fisherman, the BnM Slabmaster Crappie Saver is for you. After years of exhaustive research and record-keeping, Ronnie Capps has designed the ultimate checker that will be the last crappie checker you will ever need. Current crappie checkers on the market have one major flaw: they simply aren’t big enough! The oversized checker allows measurement up to 16 inches. Keeping your fish alive until tournament weigh in is a challenge. Your best bet is to deflate the air bladder. But, where is the air bladder? Simply place your crappie into the Slabmaster Crappie Saver, and measure the length. Keeping the fish properly aligned in the checker, take your length measurement and correspond it to the ADG. Insert a needle at a 45 degree angle, and press. The air bladder is deflated, and the fish wins you that coveted championship. Beside your length measurement you will find the approximate weight of your fish. Estimate the age of your fish based on years of exhaustive research. You’ll be surprised at how longit takes a crappie to reach 3 pounds!

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